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2011 Grief & Gratitude:  A Celebration of Kathy Budd’s Art, Tyler Art Gallery, SUNY, Oswego, NY

2010 Material Matter, An Exhibition of Drawings by Lindsey Muscato and Tinna Savini, MJC Art Gallery, Modesto, CA

2009 Pulsation, installation of kinetic objects, and video by Kimberlee  Koym, MJC Art Gallery, Modesto, CA

2008 Double Exposure, photography of the Burning Man Festival by Mel Lindstrom, MJC Art Gallery, Modesto, CA

2007 No Sweat, sculptures/installation relating to corporate sweatshops by Kathy Budd, MJC Art Gallery, Modesto, CA

2006 Flammable, photography of Iraq and Palestine taken during 2003-2004  by Babak Salary

2006 Hanibal Alkhas and the Party, paintings by Iranian Assyrian artists, MJC Art Gallery, Modesto, CA

2006 Master Works, selected works by master artists from MJC permanent collection, MJC Art Gallery, Modesto, CA

2005 Truly Yours, A collection of mail art and performance art  by L.G. Williams, Gallery Subversive, Cedar Rapids, IA

2004 A Question of Value, an exhibition of sculptures on labor issues by Kathy Budd, Gallery Subversive, Cedar Rapids, IA 


Public Collections

University of South Dakota

University of Delaware

Des Moines Art Center


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