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No Romance


No Romance is a body of artworks comprised of three self-portraits. 


On the Right: A Stance is an ideological self-portrait. This work combines my enlarged fingerprints (20x20 inches each) taken at a police station with a text that reads: "AS A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES I OPPOSE MY COUNTRIES BRUTAL FOREIGN POLICY."

In the Center: With 12 Comments, I reflect on dominant social philosophy through a dozen comments, inscribed in panels of patterns that are created by taking my index fingerprints.

On the Left: Many Wounds marks the painful psychological effects of United States aggression and its so-called "collateral damage" through the metaphor of 330 hand-sculpted bullet holes that gradate from Afro skin color to albino white, covering a 33-foot wall.


No Romance Artist's Statement written in 2004

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