No Romance


No Romance is a body of artworks comprised of three self-portraits. 


On the Right: A Stance, is an ideological self-portrait. This work combines my enlarged fingerprints (20x20 inches each) taken at a police station, with a text that reads: "AS A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES I OPPOSE MY COUNTRIES BRUTAL FOREIGN POLICY."

In the Center: With 12 Comments I reflects on dominant social philosophy through a dozen of comments, inscribed in panels of patterns that are created by taking my index fingerprints.

on the Left: Many Wounds marks the painful psychological effects of United States aggression and its so-called "collateral damage" through the metaphor of 330 hand sculpted bullet holes that gradate from Afro skin color to albino white, covering a 33-foot wall.


No Romance Artist's Statement written in 2004

Artworks by Haleh Niazmand

 conceptual artist, educator, art critic and curator, living and working in Oakland, CA, USA

No Romance

Installation View