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Selected Reviews & Publications


“Transform/Nation: Contemporary Art of Iran and Its Diaspora” by Lavanya Ramanathan, The Washington Post, June 21, 2007

“Established/Emerging” by Jon Carver, Art Papers, September-October, 2005

“Harmony Hammond/Haleh Niazmand”  by Ellen Berkovitch, Art US, July-September, 2005 

“Established Emerging: Harmony Hammond: Big Painting, Haleh Niazmand: Re-Orient” by Jon Carver, The Magazine, Santa Fe New Mexico, June 2005

“Somewhere Elsewhere: Diasporic Visions of Space and Subject,” by Laura Kou, Fuse Magazine, Toronto, Canada, Volume 28, Number 1

“MJC Art Gallery Director Helping Artist Raise Voices” by Lisa Millegan, Modesto Bee, CA. November 9, 2005

“Seriously Funny, Deadly Serious” by Zane Fischer, Santa Fe Reporter, NM. April 2-26, 2005

“Re-Orient Your Way Of Thinking” Class Acts Arts and Entertainment, Crosswinds Weekly, Albuquerque, NM. April 14-21, 2005

“Gallery Subversive Addresses Current Social Issues” by Amanda Pierre, Des Moines Register, IA. December 19, 2004

Traces of Exile,” by Laura Kou, X-Tra, Contemporary Art Quarterly, Los Angeles, CA. Volume 7, No.3, 

Arabs. Muslims. How does the West See Them? Artists use bold strokes to penetrate stereotypes” by Jonathan Curiel, San Francisco Chronicle, October 23, 2004

Arab and Muslim Art in a New Light at UC Exhibit,” by Jakob SchillerBerkeley Daily Planet, CA. October 19, 2004

Locating Afghanistan, Subversive Press, Cedar Rapids, IA. 2004

“Click Art” by Judith Winter, Cedar Rapids Gazette, IA. September 5, 2004

Sense, surveys,” Tendenziosi Survey of Common, Italy, September 4, 2004

“The Art of Iranian American Women,” MESA Conference Panel Review by Wendy DebanoMiddle East Womenʼs Studies Review, Fall 2001–Winter 2002 

“Trans/Planting: Contemporary Art by Women from/in Iran,” by Carly Butler, Radical History Review, Duke University Press, Issue 82, Winter 2002 

Cover Art, “Survey of Common Sense,” Radical History Review, Duke University Press, Issue 82, Winter 2002

“Art and Tragedy” by Terri Cohn, Artweek, February 2002

“Alchemy”, Exhibition Catalog, Center for Iranian Modern Art, New York, NY. September 2001

“Trans/Planting: Contemporary Art by Women from/in Iran,” by Carly Butler, Mix Magazine, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2001 

“Willkie House Youth and Visiting Artist Collaborate and create Songs of Freedom” Museum News, Des Moines Art Center, IA. September-October 2000

Teens Honor Black Leaders Through Portraits, Research” by Dana BooneDes Moines Register, IA. August 2, 2000

"Beyond Boundaries", Exhibition Catalog, Iranian Women Studies Foundation, Berkeley, CA. June 2000



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